Effective Crawl Space Repair and Maintenance Services

Since 2009, Crawl Space Experts LLC has been serving homeowners, realtors, and property owners in and around Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Comprehensive Solutions at Affordable Prices

We are a Class A structural repair contractor specializing in top-notch crawl space repair and maintenance services. Our team ensures we implement solutions tailored to address the issues affecting your property’s structural health.

Warning Signs of Structural Issues

Uneven or spongy floors, sticking doors, cracks in walls, and musty odors indicate potential structural problems that require attention.

Our Expertise

We handle crawl space repairs of all types, whether the damage is due to moisture, termites, or poor-quality construction. Our services include:

Structural Repairs

Every structural repair is performed by licensed contractors. We use pressure-treated lumber to ensure durability.

Crawl Space Moisture Solutions

You can turn to our crew members for efficient installation of poly vapor barriers, dehumidifiers, fans, sump pumps, French drains, flood vents, and crawl space doors.

Complete Crawl Space Encapsulations

Crawl Space Experts LLC’s crawl space encapsulation is backed by a 25-year warranty.

Ask About Our Services

In addition to addressing crawl space issues, we offer structural repairs in other areas of your home to ensure comprehensive and lasting solutions. To learn more about the services we offer, reach out to us.